Interactive Jewelry Design

Stacking rings high and proud is a signature aesthetic of CMD. Our vast array of styles can be mixed and matched endless ways: from the most comfortable square digits you can ever imagine; to midi “upper siders” meant to be worn above the knuckle (or on a pinkie); to the thick slabs of metal in our beloved densa rings, we’re confident we have the perfect shape for every style.

CMD also offers a host of metals and finishes to choose from, including yellow gold, rose gold, standard silver and oxidized silver. In fact, many of our rings contain two of these finishes in one piece! While we offer several variations of pre-made stacks, CMD also offers dozens of individual rings at our Ring Bar. This is a fun and creative way for our clients to participate in “interactive design” and put together stacks that are 100% personalized for them.

Tomorrow and Friday (March 24-25) join us at the CMD Showroom for our first-ever Samples + Seconds Sale. During this time we’re running a two-day promotion on rings: enjoy 15% off any pre-made stack, or choose a minimum of three individual rings at the Ring Bar and receive 15% off. For those wanting to shop this sale online, use the code cmdstacks at checkout (and remember, shipping is always free—no code required). Once you’ve picked up something new ‘n shiny, share it with us on Instagram. We’d love to see your personalized stack!

Behind the Scenes: TRI collection

Our TRI collection has quickly become a signature CMD style, and we’re often asked how we achieve the tri-toned effect within a single piece. We love taking you behind-the-scenes in the studio, so read on to learn about the process that brings TRI to life.

We begin with a piece of gold, either yellow or rose, and solder it to a piece of silver. Once the metals are fused, we oxidize the entire silver section (meaning that portion of the pendant will have a black finish). We then strip the oxidization off part of the silver, leaving the matte black finish on a small sliver of the piece for a unique juxtaposition.

What are your favorite TRI pieces? We’d love to hear how you wear the collection!

Staff Picks: Sam’s Favorites

CMD is full of strong ladies that bring the brand to life, and we love highlighting each of them. It’s a pleasure to introduce our blog readers to Sam, one of the newer members of our team.

Sam grew up in the Bay Area, and after a 2-year stint in LA, she’s back in the bay and an enthusiastic part of CMD. She’s known Colleen awhile (since their meeting at an art shop in Berkeley four years ago). She’s dived right into the flow and was an enormous help at our recent NYNOW show

Sam has a couple favorite pieces, the first being the long TRI-toned arc necklace. Showcasing silver and rose gold with a hint of oxidized silver, she styles this piece uniquely by pairing it with a little black dress, chain resting against her neck, and the arc hanging on her back. Sam names this sleek and simple piece as a staple in her wardrobe

She also admires the 7-stack TRI square densa rings, citing the juxtaposition of soft and hard elements as its greatest versatility. (She especially loves the rose and yellow gold combination.) And she’ll always have a special place in her heart for the 10-stack rounded tri-color rounded rings, the first “adult” jewelry she bought herself several years ago.

Sam notes being around strong, creative women is one of greatest perks of CMD, and she welcomes what the future will bring, saying “I’m excited to see the brand grow!” Welcome, Sam!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Gifts by CMD

A little surprise and delight are just what Valentine’s Day calls for. If you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow and are searching for the perfect gift for your special someone, look no further than CMD’s romantic TRI collection. Our map-inspired topography earrings above are a great start…

…while our (lucky number) 7-stack round rings are the perfect gift for someone who likes to shake up their style. Stack ‘em up all on one finger, or split them among all 10 of your digits for individual style.

For those who gravitate towards the delicate and softer things in life, our mini arc necklace—complete with an adjustable chain—fits the bill. Tied up with our signature twine gift wrapping, it’s guaranteed to please.

And for the marvelous minimalist in your life, might we suggest our 3-loop interlocking bangle. This set proudly displays yellow gold, rose gold and silver metal, and the hammered bracelets are also available in size small for petite wrists.

Have you found inspiration in our best-selling TRI collection pieces above? We’d love to hear what Valentine’s Day gifts you chose in the comments below!

This is How we Process

There are so many things I love about being a designer, but I will forever be amazed and delighted when I see the concepts in my mind turn into a physical piece of jewelry in my hand. As anyone who’s been to The Showroom knows, the CMD staff loves displaying and sharing our handmade pieces while they’re still in their infancy (read: not quite a necklace yet, but more than just a piece of metal).

I’m often asked about the design process, and I must admit it always starts the same way—with prisma-colored pencils, a BIC mechanical pencil, and blank sheets of paper of any size. This is the foolproof trifecta that’s served me well over the years. When I sit down to design, I just start sketching away: ideas of shapes, sizes, color palettes and all sorts of combinations. Quickly thereafter I bring out the torch and put flame to metal.

When I’m sketching my mind works in broad strokes, allowing all my creative thoughts to pour onto the paper. Once I’m working with the metal, all attention goes to detail and aspects of proportion and wearability. Sometimes what I envisioned isn’t just quite right in execution, and then I make tweaks until the piece is perfect. There’s a certain type of freedom in allowing the metal itself to guide me to the final piece.

Once the sample is complete, we essentially head straight to market! I cherish creating and selling handmade jewelry, and I love sharing this craft with our bicoastal production teams in California and New York. If you’re ever in San Francisco, swing by The Showroom and check out the sketches hanging on the wall of our production studio. We’d love to share our latest creations with you!