Black & Gold


  • large drop earrings - Colleen Mauer Designs
  • N280x.yg Black & Yellow Gold Stone Necklace
  • N279x.rg Black & Rose Gold Mini Stone Necklace
  • E306x.N281x.web
  • model wearing mixed metal silver and yellow gold on silver chain asymmetrical short necklace - Colleen Mauer Designs



Some metals are just made to go together, and black and gold are always in style. A sleek black finish against the silky, shiny texture of gold makes a gorgeous combination of materials. After an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of our first B&G pieces, we quickly expanded what started as a mini collection into a core part of our line. Most recently, we have combined Black & Rose—a strikingly unique combination that’s quickly becoming one of our favorites.


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